To import into Uruguay from the THE USA, or to conduct any type of import or export, companies or individuals must be registered in the importers’ registry.

An agent must be hired to conduct the customs formalities to start the import process. Before the cargo arrives in Uruguay, the customs agent must prepare the import declaration and send it electronically to the National Customs Directorate.

With 16 years of experience in customs procedures and international cargo transportation by land, sea and air, ADS Group gives you this information on how to import to Uruguay from THE USA, hoping it will be useful to start your import procedures.

Import to Uruguay from the USA

Uruguay’s legal and democratic system allows for an affordable and reliable trade and investment regime. However, import taxes are high compared to other countries, which raises the prices of foreign products.

The Uruguayan General Import Regime states that for imports it must be made a DUA (Documento Único Aduanero – Single Customs Document), the processing of which is managed by a Customs broker. Likewise, it establishes three levels for the inspection of goods:

Green Level: customs clearance is conducted without physical inspection.

Level Orange: only documentation is inspected.

Level Red: both goods and documents are inspected.

What products does Uruguay import from the United States?

Some of the main product categories imported by Uruguay from the United States are mineral fuels, bituminous materials, machinery, electrical appliances, pharmaceutical and perfumery products, cosmetics, vegetable, and animal oils, prepared foods, plastics, and derivatives.

Documentation required to import from the United States to Uruguay

The National Customs Department requests the following documents for importing goods:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Origin Certificate
  • Packing list identifying where different units are located in the shipment

The country may require other certificates depending on the type of product.

Transportation cost from Miami to Uruguay

The cost of shipping from Miami to Uruguay will depend on the total volume of the cargo and whether it is a full container load (FCL) or a shared container load (LCL). For example, a 40 feet container can have an average cost of 3,500 US dollars. In ADS Group we make your quotation.

Additional costs to consider when importing from the USA to Uruguay

When importing into Uruguay from the United States, you must be aware of the costs incurred by the prevents (processing fees), port fees, surcharges, package movement fees and consular fees.

Taxes and Customs Duties by Product

Uruguay applies a basic rate of the Single Customs Import Tax of 35%. Additionally, Value Added Tax must be paid (22% for general articles or 10% for necessities).

Transit times (air and sea)

The average sea transit time to ship a container to Uruguay from the United States (USA) is 4 to 6 weeks, While the air transit time can be between 3 to 25 business days.

Major Ports (air and sea)

Uruguay has 11 international airports. The most important are Carrasco Airport and Laguna de Sauce or Punta del Este Airport.

For maritime transport, Uruguay has 8 ports with cargo movements, although the main commercial port is the Montevideo Port.

Free Trade Agreements

A framework agreement was created between the United States and Uruguay to strengthen the trade and investment relationship, and in recent months negotiations have been underway between the two governments to deepen trade and economic alliances.

Restrictions when importing from the United States to Uruguay

The government prohibits the importation of certain food items and pet foods containing prohibited ingredients or coming from declared unfit areas by the World Health Organization.

Other products are completely banned, such as: paint with excess lead, organochlorine-based insecticides, potassium bromate for food, used cars, asbestos or products containing asbestos, certain insecticides, and herbicides.

Do I need insurance to ship freight?

If you need it, cargo insurance provides peace of mind and the possibility of dealing with any problems with the cargo. SSM Seguros will advise you in choosing the international transport insurance that best protects your cargo.

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